Jazz Musicians at Seattle Japanese Hotels

In the book Omoide IV: Childhood Memories published by the Nikkei Heritage Association of Washington Project, Janet Sakamoto Baba remembers the Hotel Mar where her family lived and worked after WWII.

"The hotel guests themselves were unique among the district's hotels. Some hotels housed mostly Asian men, some with single Filipino men, some small Chinese families, and another, old retired Caucasian men.

"Our hotel rented to mostly Blacks. They were jazz club owners, bus drivers, magicians, and some I wasn't sure what they did for a living, but they lived there the year around. Others were travelers who stayed for a night or more. There were the Black celebrities, the towering, comical Harlem Globe Trotters, cool jazz band leaders including Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Billy Eckstein, Count Basie, and sultry Sarah Vaughn."