Total Incarcerated

The total number of people incarcerated by the War Relocation Authority during WWII varies from source to source. I found the number 120,313 in Japanese American Internment during World War II: A History and Reference Guide that referred to a 1946 report by the U.S. Department of Interior called The Evacuated People: A Quantitative Description. 90,491 came from Assembly Centers, 17,915 came directly from their homes, 5,981 were born while incarcerated, 1,735 came from Dept. of Justice Internment and Detention Camps, 1,275 came from institutions, 1,118 came from Hawaii and 219 were voluntary residents. Of these, 4,724 returned to Japan, 3,212 were sent to Dept. of Justice Internment, 2,355 joined the U.S. Army, 1,862 died while incarcerated and 1,322 were sent to institutions. The remaining 106,925 went to the 10 concentration camps in desolate areas of the U.S.